lundi 18 novembre 2013

{ColorConspiracy Graphic LOop>>>Pose}

Hi everyone,

Today I'm here to share with you a layout made few months ago for ColorConspiracy.
I used the gorgeous Graphic LOop collection (one of my favorite ColorConspiracy's collection♥)::

I used this picture (loooove it ♥♥)::
My beloved son playing with his favorite toy:  his camera

I miss scrap so so much but unfortunately I have no time for it... But as soon as I will be in my new home, I will create again for sure ;)
At the end of the month we will move out in our new home! I'm so excited to start this new part of my life!!
You can't imagine!! After the nightmare of the past weeks, I need to start something new and let the past behind us... but not all the past... (mom I love you , you will be forever in my heart♥♥♥ I miss you so so much!!)
I'm excited but on the other side I'm stressed to the max... I so much hate packing and moving...
I'm trying to concentrate on how much I love my new house♥
No let the packing begin!!!
See you soon mainly on my Instagram feed::


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3 commentaires:

  1. Gorgeous layout! I also love this collection from ColorConspiracy.
    Good luck with the packing and moving. Looking forward to see more of your work.

  2. Ta page est superbe! J'adore la mise en page et le combo de couleurs! La photo me plaît aussi beaucoup. Bravo!! Bises

  3. I've never seen anything like this layout--I'm in total awe! Love that your son's favorite "toy" is his camera! We probably won't ever move, partly because I can't face the thought of the process, so I totally understand your stress, but I'm sure it will be worth it to be in a home you love! Take care, Greta