jeudi 31 octobre 2013

{BasicGrey 25th&Pine>>>Be Jolly}

Hi everyone,
As promised, I'm back to share with you one of my latest BasicGrey DT creation;)
I made this layout few weeks ago and I used the gorgeous BasicGrey's 25th and Pine collection::

I layered many of the colorful patterns from this gorgeous collection and then added various embellishments.
I just adore this colorful line♥
That's all for today;)
Thanks for stopping by!

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dimanche 27 octobre 2013

{World Card Making Day>>>BasicGrey Persimmon Card}

Hi everyone,
Few weeks ago, I made a card for the World Card Making Day::

I used the gorgeous BasicGrey Persimmon line::

You can see the whole process here on the BasicGrey blog::

This week I sadly decided to leave the BasicGrey design team:(  It was a very hard decision but sometimes you need to take the right decisions and simply follow your heart.
Since my mom's death, I'm not in the mood for scrap...
I just can't help thinking about her every hour, minute, second...
Maybe one day Scrapbooking will be therapeutic for me again but at this time of my life I need to take a break...
In the next weeks I will move out so I will have enough on my plate.
I was truly honored to work these two years for BasicGrey♥
Thanks to all my BG friends♥
Between BasicGrey and me it's a big big love story  that will never end and I will still promote the wonderful BasicGrey products on the social media platforms♥
I will soon be back with  two last BasicGrey creations ;)
Have a lovely Sunday♥
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lundi 21 octobre 2013

{BasicGrey Persimmon layout>>>My Fall Beauty}

Hi everyone,
These last weeks were very intense for me...
On September 10th, my dear mom had an hemorrhagic stroke:(
Half of her brain was very damaged...The hemorrhage caused irreversible damage:: the left side of her brain was necrosis...
After few days my mom's condition has turned to the worse:  intestinal occlusion,bowel perforation,peritonitis...
She suffered a lot since the day of her stroke... she never left the hospital...
On Sunday October 13th early in the morning, she passed away:(
She will no longer suffer...
I love you so much my dear mom♥♥ You will be in my heart forever♥♥ 

Enjoy every little moment with your family, life is short...

Ces dernières semaines furent intenses pour moi...
Le 10 septembre dernier ma maman a fait un AVC hémorragique.
Cette hémorragie a causé la nécrose de la partie gauche de son cerveau.
Des dommages malheureusement irréversibles... Quand je suis allée la voir, elle semblait me reconnaître mais je n'en suis pas sûre... Elle essayait de parler mais bouche étant de travers suite à l'AVC... et neurologiquement parlant il y avait de graves lésions rendant la rééducation quasi impossible...
Quelques jours plus tard, son état s'est dégradé. On l'a opéré sous anesthésie générale pour lui poser une poche sur l'estomac. A partir de ce moment, ce fut une lente dégradation de son état de santé:: occlusion intestinale, perforation des intestins et péritonite. Ma maman a terriblement souffert:(
Ce fut comme ça jusqu'à la fin... Même sous morphine... Jusqu'à la dose fatale qui l'a plongée dans un coma profond... vers la mort.
Elle nous a quitté le dimanche 13 octobre tôt le matin...
Ma petite maman ne souffrira plus, c'est terminé...
Jeudi 17 octobre, j'ai dit au revoir à ma tendre maman. Un dernier baiser, un dernier au revoir avant de la porter en terre...
Tu vas terriblement me manquer ma petite maman chérie♥♥
† Repose en paix †

Here is a new BasicGrey Persimmon layout::

♥I used this picture♥

Thanks for stopping by;)
Have a lovely Monday♥
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jeudi 10 octobre 2013

{Smile→BasicGrey Knee Highs}

Hi everyone!
Today I'm sharing with you a layout made few months ago and which I hadn't yet published. I used the BasicGrey Knee Highs Collection.
This collection is totally gorgeous! It's a very girly collection but no matter for me;)
My friend Virginie sent me a picture of her adorable daughter Zoé♥

That's all for today;)
Thanks so much for stopping by♥

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mardi 8 octobre 2013

{BasicGrey Persimmon/Capture layout}

Hello there!

Today I'm here to share with you a new BasicGrey layout;)
I mixed and matched the Persimmon and Capture lines! These two gorgeous lines were made to match together;)

A little bit of Capture embellishments, a lot of layers, some misting and stamping techniques and voila::

You can learn more about my layout here:

That's all for today!
Thanks for stopping by;)
Have a lovely day♥

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samedi 5 octobre 2013

{Un florilège de photos}

Vous avez vu??? Aujourd'hui j'ai décidé de  rédiger cet article en français... ça faisait longtemps;)
Pas de scrap à vous montrer aujourd'hui... non pas que je ne scrappe pas en ce moment mais je ne peux rien vous montrer pour l'instant, il vous faudra patienter jusque lundi pour que je vous montre une création toute en BasicGrey...
En attendant quelques photos prises les dernières semaines avec mon  Canon 5Mark II:

retravaillée en N&B+effet matte


retravaillée en N&B+ effet matte

Beige beauty+ effet matte

et mon dernier joujou est arrivé la semaine dernière::

Pourquoi j'ai craqué? Parce que l'IPhone pour moi  niveau qualité photos est bien meilleur que tout autre smartphone sur le marché, et aussi parce que j'avais atteint mes limites avec Android.Et aussi ne nous voilons pas la face, c'est bien plus pratique que de trimballer  partout avec moi mon  5Mark II

photos à venir très bientôt...

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vendredi 4 octobre 2013

{BasicGrey 25th&Pine>>>Two cards}

Hi there,
Today I'm here to share with you 2 cards I created with the BasicGrey 25th&Pine brand new line::

Christmas is my favorite part of the year♥
That's all for today;)
Thanks for stopping by!
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mercredi 2 octobre 2013

{BasicGrey RSVP>>>Make a Wish}

Hi everyone,
Today I would like to share with you my new layout made with the brand new BasicGrey RSVP collection
As you can see it's a colorful layout with various embellishments (frames, metal flair, candy buttons, die cuts and transparencies...)
I really like this picture from my son Quentin. It was in 2009 when he was at the circus school during a week.
It was so magical and emotional to see children with disabilities perform artistic prowess♥♥
We were so proud of him♥

That's all for today!
Have a lovely day♥
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