vendredi 7 septembre 2012

{ I {lowe} SCRAP→Special Summer Dreamer Edition }

Today I want to present you a special edition of the I {lowe}SCRAP '30x30 magazine'
The whole edition is create with the new Summer Dreamer collection.
So much gorgeous inspiration inside♥
And some great news too:  the magazine is in a new square format and that's not all...
the biggest change : from now we will translate all of our articles, tutorials and interviews! Now you can also read us, not only browse the magazine page by page.
Isn't it great???

Just click◄◄Here►►

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1 commentaire:

  1. Thanks for sharing Marinette!
    You won't believe it, but today I placed my very first order of ILS products :-) Can't wait to play with it!