lundi 15 février 2010

**With heartfelt sympathy**


Sur le blog des Papertrey Peeps, c'est au tour d'Aimes de nous proposer un challenge, et quel challenge!!
Etre inspirées par du porridge loool

Aimes said:
Therefore my challenge to you is to pick any one of the products by Dorset Cereals and think about using the colours featured on it on a creation of your own (it doesn't have to be restricted to cards!) Obviously some colours may struggle to match with a PTI colour so feel free to use other supplies or just pick a product that features all PTI colours. If you look closely at each package you'll see that they nearly all contain at least a bit of white text so feel free to use that if you want a neutral colour to balance things out a little!

En gros, Aimes nous demande de nous inspirer des différents packaging et de leurs couleurs, formes etc
Pour ma part je me suis inspirée de l'image ci dessous à droite
I used the image below just right with orange,yellow,pink and brown colors
voici ma contribution pour ce challenge:
Here's my card for this challenge

Très bonne fin de journée à toutes

11 commentaires:

  1. Marinette this is FABULOUS! I love the box you picked and what a bonus that you reflected the design with your use of leaves! Way to rock the challenge - I love it!

  2. This is such a fun challenge isn't it!! I love the leaves like the packaging!! Beautiful!!!

  3. Oh Marinette j'adore ces petits boutons, ces petites fleurs ! Ils donnent juste la touche qu'il faut à ta carte ! Et tes réas du post précédent : j'adore ! Bec

  4. Marinette, gorgeous card! I love that paper and it works beautifully for the challenge. Great Job!

  5. Great job! I agree with Sharron that paper works perfectly for this challenge.

  6. Wow, way to rock the cereal challenge! This looks great!

  7. You nailed this challenge. Excellent use of color and design.

  8. Marinette, you did an outstanding job with this challenge! The paper and the leaves are pefect. I love the design of your card. Way to go!!

  9. This is lovely! The papers you chose work so well together.